Geopark concept

Time:2011-5-13 10:20:21

In recent years, with the construction of the national geological park, we promoted the positive development of geological tourism, landscape, resource classification, tourism planning and management and other academic research. Many scholars made positive discussions in theory and made a large number of achievements, which mainly involved the concept of geological park, the type, function, value, location, delimitation of the scope and geological basis of a series of basic theoretical issues; also combined with case study of geological tourism resources survey and evaluation of geological parks, tourist development and construction, tourism to the functional layout, the design of tourism products, tourism interpretation system of the building and the Geopark planning practice, as well as the protection and management of the Geopark.

The concept of Geopark

"World Geopark (UNESCO Geopark) has clear boundary line and has a surface area large enough to be local economic development areas. Geopark is made up of a series of geological sites of special scientific significance, rarity and aesthetic value, it may not only of geological significance, may also be archaeological, ecological, historical or cultural value. The establishment of the world geological park has a dual purpose, one is to protect the environment, and the second is to promote regional socio-economic development ". Ministry of Land and Resources defined the park as:" Geoparks are natural areas with special significance in geological science, the rare natural attribute, higher aesthetic ornamental value, a certain scale and distribution area of remains as the main body, and a composition of other natural landscape and humanities fusion landscape. Geoparks provide people with high scientific-grade tourism, leisure, health resorts, cultural and entertainment places. They are geological heritage landscape and ecological environmental protection areas. They are also the bases of geological scientific research and popularization. "From the perspective of systematic theory, it is made of up three sub-systems which are geological system, protection system and tourism system.

The "geological" in Geopark refers to the geological relics it contains, and this relic must be based on the occurrence of the state of nature and it is the content of their geological heritage, which makes a national geological park be different from other kinds of parks, and show that it has the value of scientific research. The "Park" features in National Geo Park illustrates the social role played by the national Geopark and the economic role and aesthetic value as a generalized nature park, a national geological park has functions such as for people enjoying the park, leisure and outdoor recreation; In addition, it has its own characteristics, which is mainly determined by the contents of its geological heritage.