Chongming Tourism Bureau held an expert consultation of the National Geopark information technology projects

Time:2011-5-13 10:20:21

I believe many people have played online games, the 360-degree panorama gives an immersive experience. This scene will appear in Chongming Island National Geopark website. Just go to a certain location along the direction of the arrow, all-round view scenic views.

On the morning of August 17, the County Tourism Bureau organized the acceptance of Chongming Island National Geopark information technology projects a project "expert consultation, the project was officially launched at the beginning of this year, Shanghai Ying Di digital technology company responsible for the construction. A project is mainly Geopark framework, overall planning, animation and technical services. Acceptance of the consultation meeting, the experts of the relevant departments on how to optimize the planning structure, improve the section content, the better demonstrate Geopark geological and geomorphological features and beautiful natural environment made ??a very good comments and suggestions. Technical services side said that to further improve in the second phase of the production sector to enhance the quality of service.

Chongming County Tourism Bureau Deputy Director Guo Xingquan chaired the meeting, the leadership of the Shanghai GuiTuJu to ring at the Shanghai Institute of Geological Survey, Chongming County GuiTuJu, Science and Technology Commission of Chongming County, Chongming County Finance Bureau, East China Normal University and other related departments, expertsattended the meeting.