Geopark Xisha wetland construction of three projects has passed the acceptance

Time:2011-5-13 10:20:21

Recently, the 2009 geological heritage protection project Sea Wetlands Phase II geological heritage display platform, the Xisha wetland the increasing tidal creek water sedimentation reduction projects, the Xisha wetland biological diversity to increase engineering projects have been completed, under the lead of the County Tourism Bureau,the completion and acceptance. Specific responsible for the implementation of the project by the the Chongming Tourism Investment Development Co., Ltd.. The group agreed that the engineering completed according to the volume, the construction of the project to further promote the Xisha Wetland ecological environmental protection, improve wetlands can be ornamental played a positive role.

Units and personnel to participate in the acceptance of the Shanghai Municipal Planning and Land Bureau, Finance Bureau of Chongming County, Chongming County GuiTuJu, Chongming County Tourism Bureau and other relevant leaders and experts.